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Increase efficiency and reduce costs by virtualizing your auto inspections

Truepic Vision is a secure platform that eliminates the need for in-person inspections, expediting the underwriting and claims assessment processes. Instantly collect key vehicle details online through customer-submitted photos and videos that undergo 35+ fraud detection and prevention tests. Eliminate scheduling hassles and protect your business from risks like underreported mileage, falsified or exaggerated claims, and more. Say goodbye to hassles and choose the convenience of a reliable virtual platform.

Truepic for Automotive


  • Auto Insurance Policies
  • Auto Warranty Service Contracts


  • Warranty: Manufacturer damage
  • Auto Insurance: Accidents and damage

Financial Services

  • Floor Plan Audit
  • Used & Classic Car
  • Title

How Truepic Vision works

Send a text or email

Your user receives a text or email with a secure link to begin the virtual inspection. No login or sign-up is required.

Take photos and videos

User captures photos, videos, and answers questions based on your requirements

View results

When the inspection is complete, you are notified and can instantly review the results in the web dashboard.

Interested in seeing how it works? Click below to give Truepic Vision a try and experience how easy it is to submit a virtual inspection.

Curious to know how much you could be saving with virtual inspections?

Reduce cycle time from days to hours, and lower costs by up to 75% with Truepic Vision. Answer a few quick questions to see how much you could save.


Monthly Savings

Annual Savings

The Truepic Savings Calculator is intended to provide an estimate of the potential cost savings that Truepic customers could achieve when switching to virtual inspections. Exact savings may differ and in some cases may be even higher. Cost per Truepic inspection can decrease based on monthly volume. Request a demo to see just how much you can save by switching to Truepic.


Odometer & VIN Validation

Prevent underreported mileage or a VIN belonging to the wrong vehicle

Verified Metadata

Instantly collect precise location, time, and date of captured images and videos

Reduced Cycle Time

Collect vehicle details in real time to speed up cycle time and decision making

Lower Costs

Save on third-party inspection costs and rental car utilization during repair cycles


Inspections have gone from days to minutes

“Ford Protect has become more efficient with claims adjudication by leveraging Truepic’s picture technology. We have been able to eliminate on-site inspections (24-48 hour turnaround) by 24%”

Chris Reames
NA Cost Control Manager

Trust what you see.

In a world of emerging AI tools and easily manipulated content, Truepic Vision ensures the authenticity of images and videos captured remotely. Both device and image data are analyzed, and potentially suspicious activity is flagged for further review.

Time + Date
Ensure images match the expected time and date.

Detect and prevent GPS location spoofing.

Device Integrity
Verify that the device has not been compromised.

Capture Integrity
Cryptographically secure photos and videos at the point of origin.

Image Object Detection Detection & Analysis
Ensures that the image was not re-captured from a pre-existing photo on a screen or a printout and detects whether expected objects are found.

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