Product Safety & RecallsInstantly Validate Product Recall Claims

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Instantly validate within your workflow

Streamline product recall processes by cutting fraud risks and shipping costs. Truepic Vision accelerates your decision with each claim, enabling consumers to directly upload photos of their defective products for you to remotely assess. To ensure all claims are authentic, photos are tamper-proof and model and serial numbers are automatically matched.


Eliminate Fake Claims

Photos undergo over 60 checks across 12 fraud categories.

Faster decisions

Adjudicate claims fast with Serial Number detection and a fully digital workflow.

No shipping costs

Cut logistics costs of returning products to the manufacturer.

How it works

Connect Truepic Vision

  • Connect your recall claims webpage to the Vision Dashboard through the Vision API
  • Add the expected serial numbers for the recall program to automatically filter/flag claims

Consumer Follows Steps

  • The consumer receives email or text after filing claim on your website
  • The consumer follows your instructions to capture photos via native or web app

Ready for Review

  • Truepic Vision tests for 12 fraud categories, like a picture of a picture, or if photos are not taken at home address
  • Make claim decision based on trusted photos and videos

Trusted photos

In a world of emerging AI tools and easily manipulated content, Truepic Vision ensures the authenticity of images and videos captured remotely. Both device and image data are analyzed, and potentially suspicious activity is flagged for further review.

Time + Date
Ensure images match the expected time and date.

Detect and prevent GPS location spoofing.

Device Integrity
Verify that the device has not been compromised.

Capture Integrity
Cryptographically secure photos and videos at the point of origin.

Image Object Detection & Analysis
Ensures that the image was not re-captured from a pre-existing photo on a screen or a printout and detects whether expected objects are found.

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