Truepic BlogSecurity Mutual Insurance Optimizes Underwriting with Secure Virtual Inspections

Security Mutual Insurance Company has implemented Truepic Vision to ensure the authenticity of photos, videos, and documents, eliminating the possibility of reused or manipulated images during the underwriting process. This optimized digital workflow process helps the firm securely collect authentic photos and videos for their underwriting operations. Truepic Vision enables their customers to perform trusted virtual inspections instead of in-person inspections, improving customer experience and satisfaction while reducing overall cost.

Security Mutual Insurance Company has found a better, faster, and more secure way to conduct remote site inspections with Truepic Vision. The advanced camera technology allows users to take photos on their own devices through a secure mobile app. The photos look exactly like regular photos but are 100% authentic and have accurate metadata, such as time, date, and location. Each photo goes through multiple verification tests before being securely collected by Security Mutual Insurance, eliminating the need for third parties to perform on-site inspections. This process is more convenient and less expensive, and customers prefer this experience as they can take their own photos at home.

Security Mutual Insurance has partnered with Truepic to optimize insurance home underwriting by securely documenting home interiors and exteriors. When photos are taken through the Truepic Vision app, underwriters can be confident that they are authentic. Before working with Truepic, Security Mutual had an average turnaround time of 21-30 days per inspection. With no internal metadata recorded, the company was susceptible to risk resulting in losses. The company can now benefit from more thorough information connected to properties to reduce loss risk and improve turnaround times resulting in cost savings. 

Truepic provides a secure, turnkey platform for digital workflow optimization. As a result, inspections can be conducted in less time, with less expense and fewer resources—using Truepic Vision to digitize inspections drives operational efficiency and productivity. In addition, customers benefit from the simplicity of Truepic’s secure mobile app and like the speed at which they get a decision even more. They can complete the inspection themselves, on their time, and in minutes, just by snapping and sending the items on a checklist.

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