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The theme for International Women’s Day this year is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” Restoring visual trust is at the heart of Truepic’s mission. This mission lies at the core of every project, task, and initiative we work on each day. Our technology has a positive social impact and these are just a few of the remarkable women who help power it:

What piece of advice has had the greatest impact on your career?

“A mentor of mine once said: “If you can’t find answers, start with ideas. Then think critically about the situation and tackle it from multiple angles and perspectives.” This has been impactful throughout my career because it opened doors for finding solutions through creativity and objectivity. In addition to strategic planning and tactical execution, it has also applied to collaborating better with people and understanding what someone needs. This advice continues to help me remember that shifting my own paradigm leads to greater awareness, which produces better outcomes in nearly any situation.”

– Jules Cassano, Director of Marketing

“One of my former Sales Directors, who has been a close mentor of mine, once told me that “Any aspiration or career goal in life is completely achievable, all you have to do is pencil out the necessary steps required to get there. Intuition, hard work, & positive belief will then be the gas in your engine to get you to your destination.””

– Nusha Hooshdaran, Business Development Representative

What’s the most rewarding part of the work you do?

“The most rewarding part of my job is working with people who share the same vision and are dedicated to Truepic’s mission. I love being a Senior Customer Success Manager at Truepic, providing our customers a spectacular experience and making the customers’ life easier, better, and more productive one verified image at a time!”

– Ali Riley, Senior Customer Success Manager

“The rewards are endless for me as a member of the Recruiting and Talent team! What stands out the most is that I get to help find the best talent for this amazing company and then offer those folks an incredible opportunity to come in and make a huge impact alongside some of the most brilliant people on the planet – everybody wins! Our mission resonates with everyone around the world, the matchmaking aspect behind the scenes as we continue to grow our team and execute against that mission is deeply rewarding!”

– Meghan Harris, Recruiting Manager

What advice would you give to other women building their careers in tech?

“Women are born leaders, tough, stronger than they think they are and they can achieve anything if they set their mind to it! Believe in yourself.”

– Anne Maddela, Software Quality Engineer

“Find balance between being the “dumbest person in the room” while being confident that you deserve to be in that room just as much as everyone else. The nature of this industry is that of change and progress, and it’s impossible to keep up with it all alone. Lean on your teammates, find value in their knowledge and perspective, and amplify what you bring to the table!”

– Jordan Varvel, Customer Success Associate

“Don’t let anyone put you down for asking questions. Keep asking them. It shows your curiosity and desire for growth.”

– Nhan Tran, Product Designer

Is there a woman in your life who has had a positive impact on your career or that inspires you?

“My lifelong friend, Billi, once said that acceptance is a metric that should be self-measured. From her loud but contagious laugh, her willingness to put herself out there and take risks, and her innate authenticity; she has always inspired me to be unafraid of being 100% me, regardless if anyone chooses to accept it.”

– Cheyenne Williams, Senior Manager, People Ops

“My older sisters are a constant source of inspiration for me both personally and professionally. They have constantly supported and reminded me that “the world is your oyster.” Paving the path for me from a young age and showing what it truly means to fiercely pursue your passions with resilience, focus, and drive. This has led me to where I am today!”

– Hayley Liske, Business Development Representative

How can women support one another in their organizations?

“As women, we need to celebrate each other’s successes in the workplace. We need to encourage them, advocate for them, and empower each other to challenge the norm. I once read a quote from Forbes that said, “A woman alone has power; collectively we have impact.” When women support women in the workplace, amazing things can happen!”

– Shelby Christie, Senior Customer Success Manager

“Share what you know and build a community. Regardless of seniority or job group there’s always an opportunity to learn from the experiences of women who are operating in a similar environment. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a sounding board, other times you can gain a new perspective that helps you figure out the best path forward. Women that hold a more senior role can lead by example and speak up in rooms that might feel intimidating, making it a safe space for others to participate and contribute.”

– Lori Magyar, Vice President, People & Culture

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